Ankur Bhatt

Ankur Bhatt is a Master's student in Computer Science at RPTU Kaiserslautern Landau, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Currently, he is working as a Research Intern at Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Koichi Kise, Prof. Dr. Shoya Ishimaru, and Ko Watanabe. He is working on the Appearance-based gaze estimation project. His area of interest includes Gaze Estimation, Eye-wear computing, Machine Translation, and natural language processing. He is currently leading the CoALA project under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Shoya Ishimaru at DFKI GmbH.



  1. Ankur Bhatt, Ko Watanabe, Andreas Dengel and Shoya Ishimaru. “Appearance-Based Gaze Estimation with Deep Neural Networks: From Data Collection to Evaluation”. International Journal of Activity and Behavior Computing 2024 (1), p. 1-15, 2024.