Thesis, Project, and Seminar Topic

Are you a Bachelor or Master student in RPTU Kaiserslautern Landau and searching for a thesis/project/seminar topic in Computer Science? PsyberLab is a good place for you! We are always looking forward to starting collaboration. This page introduces details including our research field, qualifications, benefits, and the procedure to apply.

PsyberLab is organized by one Junior Professor and two Ph.D. students. Several Master, Bachelor, Project, Seminar, and Internship students are fluidly joining and working with supervision towards their own objective. Our collaborators also support you in research design, software development, project management, and communication.

We are interested in Human-Computer Co-Evolution, i.e., how do people and AI can assist their work with each other. In this context, we develop psybernetic technologies that understand the internal states of human beings and give appropriate feedback to make them smarter. The topics we can offer you are as follows, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Cognitive/affective state recognition using sensors and machine learning
  • Learning analytics on the basis of eye-tracking and physiological sensing
  • Development of system quantifying and assisting social-cognitive capabilities
  • Camera-based eye-tracking

Your qualifications

  • Experience of taking lectures in Computer Science or Cognitive Science
  • Self-motivation of learning new technologies such as deep learning and application development

Your benefits

  • Master/Bachelor degree or credits for the project/seminar
  • Practical skills of literature surrey, experimental design, software development, data analysis, and technical writing
  • Collaboration with not only dedicated researchers in PsyberLab but also educational experts in the Immersive Quantified Learning Lab and AI-experts in the Smart Data & Knowledge Services Department in DFKI
  • Financial support (6-12 hours/week Hiwi task depending on your interest and workload)

How to apply for a thesis study

Please send your cover letter (PDF, one page), curriculum vitae (PDF, some pages), and earliest possible starting date to You can also send an e-mail to Shoya for asking details before applying.

How to apply for a project or seminar study

If you are planning to apply for a project or seminar work (e.g., Collaborative Intelligence), please submit your application to a tutor of the lecture. There are certain evaluation processes in the lecture and we cannot offer you a topic directory.